Terms and Conditions

How are these bonuses possible and what are the conditions?

We accept only gambling related established quality websites with search engine traffic. Personal referrals are not allowed.

These deals are possible because there are so many affiliates working “together”. All affiliates have their own trackers but may have a “shared account” (same login info but different trackers).

Make sure you bring quality, non-fraudulent players, otherwise your campaign will be stopped and you may not get paid for all players. Personal referrals and incentives are not allowed.

The tracking for almost all deals is made through the official affiliate sites (for everest poker it’s everestaffiliates.com and so on)

New promotions may be added soon, and some may be stopped, but you still get the CPA for the qualified players you’ve brought.

You cannot have a tracker if you are already affiliated with that poker room. You have to be a new affiliate.

By filling out the newsletter below you will automatically get subscribed to our newsletter. This way you will know when new trackers are available or when old campaigns are stopped. It is very important that you subscribe.

This website is not responsible for these trackers or bonuses. We don’t create them and we are not responsible for the payments. Our partners are. Our partners are free to decide if they pay for a part or all your players. If not, then they will have a reason (scam, fraudulent players, personal referrals etc.)

Update: Chinese, Brazilian and Russian players do not qualify for the CPA deals.