affiliate marketingBeing an affiliate is awesome. You can make your own schedule and you are your own boss. Affiliate marketing can generate huge amounts of money passively. I could travel for 6 months without my business being impacted in a negative way.

In order to be a successful affiliate (a hyper affiliate) you need a few things:

  1. Affiliate network: It’s shocking how much of a difference there is between affiliate networks.
  2. Affiliate manager: A few affiliate networks have some affiliate managers that don’t even reply to your emails.
  3. Deal: This one is one of the most important factors. If should always get what you deserve. Some affiliate networks pay 3x more than similar networks.

Why Choose A CPA Deal?

I’ve been working over 11 years with different CPA deals across different industries. In that time I noticed that there are many advantages of CPA deals compared to other types of deals like revenue share or CPL (cost per lead).

1. CPA gives you instant reward

You usually get the CPA as soon as your visitor makes his first deposit. In some cases there are some other conditions like $10 rake or anything similar.

For instance, you can get $250 CPA even if the qualified user only deposited the minimum (which is $20 in case of poker sites). This means that the company offering the CPA deal is hoping that he can retain that user, and will win more money in the future.

As a CPA affiliate you don’t really care about what your users will do in the future. You’ve already got your money and now you can focus your time on referring more visitors.

2. CPA is great in volatile niches

If you are a gambling affiliate, then you probably noticed that many affiliate networks close each year without prior notice. That means that if you an affiliate with a revenue share deal and your affiliate program closes, you lose all future revenue of that player. This is really unfair and you can do nothing about it.

With CPA you get paid as soon as the player fulfills all the CPA conditions. So if a program closes, you can just replace it with another program. You don’t lose any money in this case.

CPA is like a hit and run strategy. If anything happens you just walk away. You keep 100% of what you’ve earned.

3. CPA is great when starting out or when you need money ASAP

Especially when starting you are starting out, you want to see the money coming in as soon as possible. You don’t have time to wait 3-5 years for a revenue share deal to show it’s full potential. Also there is no guarantee that a revenue share deal will reach the amount that you will get with a CPA deal.

Or maybe you want to go big and purchase some competitor website? In this case you need money as soon as possible. A CPA deal can be the solution for all these things.

Why Choose Our CPA Deals?

I would never make an affiliate website if it wouldn’t benefit my visitors. As an old affiliate (over 11 years) I’ve been working with most affiliate programs and I managed to negotiate higher CPA deals that most other affiliates.

Your advantage with my deals is that you get paid more than what the affiliate site would offer you directly.

For example partypoker only offers you $65 CPA when you sign up as an affiliate. I can give you $200 and maybe more (depends on the current market conditions).

What Is A Hyper Affiliate?

I like to call hyper affiliates the marketers who are the best in their industry. Similar to super affiliates, these marketers are the best of the best in their niches.

These marketers earn the most money in the industry.

There is no real difference between a hyper- and a super affiliate.