Poker CPA Deals

What is CPA?

CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition which means that you get paid from the poker room a set fee for every player you refer regardless of the quality of that player.

CPA has following advantages:

1. Regardless what happens you get paid quite a lot for every player.
2. There are some poker rooms that get out of business from one day to another. If you had some quality players on rev share this is where your earnings end.
3. CPA is mainly for short term. You get paid at the end of the month. If you choose a standard $60-$70 CPA you will get that money by the end of the month or starting next month. WIth revenue share you would need at least a few month for a player to rake so much.

With hyperaffiliates you can get up to $190 CPA deals. Think about how much a player has to play to rake $190 (don’t forget that you only get 35%-40% of the rake of the players).

CPA has following disadvantages:

1. If you are sure that you bring many quality players (high-rollers) you’d do better with a revenue share deal.
2. CPA deals may have conditions (player must rake xxx points)
3. CPA campaigns may be stopped at any time.